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SLAMBARZ cic is a music/artist development and live performance community interest company for young urban lyricists aged between 14-25 based in Sheffield.

We are passionate about supporting young seldom heard musicians that have expressed the need and appetite for safe creative spaces where they can pursue their creative & artistic passions through music whilst networking with other creatives, communities, industry professionals and renowned venues like never before.

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Slambarz has done a lot for me and other artists not just in the community but other cities in the UK now. Everyone behind the scenes is incredibly great at what they do and I couldn’t thank them enough. Their networking is crazy, and keeps getting better and better, the opportunities and experiences that they can arrange are incredible and I couldn’t thank them enough.

Slambarz is the new era of Northern Music

and with the consistency and the whole community movement behind them, I believe Slambarz will be a huge gamechanger for a lot of emerging artists, and one day is going to be worldwide! “

Lewcid | Slambarz

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